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Originally built as a lumber yard in 1886, the lot where Germain House now resides has a long and storied history in Chicago. From that original structure, businesses have sprung up and with the renovation of these modern lofts, a new community is blossoming in the River West neighborhood. The result is a historical building created with craft and finished with modern luxury.

Where Germain House sits today, a lumber yard was originally constructed in 1886.
After the lumber yard closed, what remained was an L-shaped industrial structure that was put up on the site. Historical records show that this is when the building was used by "Central Leather & Embossing Company", a manufacturer of leather goods. The company name later changed to the Germain Company.
Alward Anderson Southard Co. moved into the building. They sold tents, sporting goods, hardward and other goods.
Starting in the 50's, the building was inhabited by “fibre & rattan furniture” manufacturers (circa 1950s); a store fixture factory (circa 1970s-1980s) and used for office and retailspace for the approximately ten years.
Under development.
Construction began on Germain House, developed by Rockwell Partners at 729 N Sangamon. The existing structure was reconverted into loft apartments, with a new addition on the northeast corner.

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